Apple announces ‘One More Thing’ event Nov. 10


Apple has announced its third special event in three months, with the company expected to announce new Mac — including the first models equipped with Apple Silicon processors.

‘One more thing’

The invitation features a large, dark Apple logo lit in dark, ambient colors. The title of the invite is that Apple-famed expression, “One more thing,” which likely references this to being the last big announcement of 2020.

The event is scheduled to take place earlier than had been anticipated on Nov. 10. (Speculation had centered around Nov. 17 as the likely date.) Once again, this event will be streamed from Apple Park, where the company will make its announcements.

You’ll be able to watch the news on Apple TV and at the Apple website.


What to expect

Apple recently submitted a regulatory filing that suggests up to eight Mac models may be planned. It is also expected to introduce new A14-powered versions of the iPad Pro, likely equipped with LiDAR cameras and other upgrades.

It was also recently reported that many Mac models are constrained at the company’s online store, particularly its Apple notebooks. That often portends new models.

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Some of the highlights of recent speculation have included:

  • 8-core, 12-core and 16-core Mac chips (the latter for desktops). This sits in line with an earlier claim from Bloomberg.
  • Up to 15 to 20 hours of battery life.
  • An Apple-designed GPU.
  • Excellent performance-per-watt.
  • Prices that start from $799.

Apple has already committed to a two-year transition to the new processors and has promised to continue selling Intel-based Macs during this time. What’s really going to be of interest will be any performance claims the company may make during the event. These Macs are likely to be powered by a souped-up variant of Apple’s A14-series chips


Those processors are already eclipsing the current mobile processor industry leader (the A13) and are likely to deliver even more capacity in a dedicated Mac configuration. The signs are that these chips will deliver outstanding performance and consume less power than existing systems.

A recent report from the China Times claimed the first Apple Silicon iMac will make its debut in early 2021, and gives us the name of the chips Apple will use inside: the A14X and A14T.

“The upcoming ARM-based MacBook released in November will use a self-developed A14X processor. In addition to the first Apple Silicon processor A14X used in MacBooks that has been mass-produced by TSMC 5nm, according to Apple’s supply chain news, Apple will launch the first self-developed GPU — codenamed Lifuka — next year. The first desktop computer processor A14T — codenamed Mt Jade — will be produced in the first half of next year,” that report said.

It looks like we’ll find out much more next week. And I imagine a large number of Mac-supporting enterprise customers will be interested in what we learn then.

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