Diwali 2020: Snapchat releases several festive lenses, stickers and features

Snapchat is the latest app to bring out special features ahead of Diwali. In a global rollout, Snapchat has launched several lenses for users to enjoy the festive season. The app has also released new sticker packs, filters and Bitmoji filters. Snapchat claims the latest features will let users spend Diwali in an intimate manner while maintaining a safe distance. There will be festive-themed Cameos as well as Snap Map treatment on Snapchat.

In a press release, the company said that the special lenses have been created by members of its community of Official Lens Creators across the world. While one lens has been built by an official creator from the United States, there are other creators from Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Morocco and Nepal. Using Augmented Reality, users will be able to do a variety of fun tasks like “lighting a diya with your finger or choosing different patterns of Rangoli”.

 Diwali 2020: Snapchat releases several festive lenses, stickers and features

Snapchat Diwali lenses

Snapchat says users will be able to experience the view of catching “floating lanterns in the sky and bringing some glitter and hope to [their] surroundings”.

The release mentioned that the features can be enjoyed by Snapchatters from wherever they are celebrating Diwali in the world. In order to unlock the new lenses, users need to simply search for them in the app.

Sallia Goldstein from the US has created the ‘Diwali Lanterns’ lens which features specially designed lanterns, diyas and other lights. Jimena Depresbiteris from Italy has released the ‘Lighting Up Diwali’ lens where users need to raise their eyebrows to activate the lens. ‘Be the Light’ by Egidijus Uckuronis from Luthania literally makes you the embodiment of light.

‘A Rangoli’ by Steve Snygin of Russia features several rangoli designs that can be placed in different locations. There is also a ‘Happy Diwali’ lens created by Mohammed Ouahbi of Morocco that lets users light diyas on the app in the virtual realm. Lastly, Karun Shreshtha from Nepal has created another ‘Happy Diwali’ lens that also has an option of light diyas via your phone.