Apple hires Josh Elman to ‘help customers discover the best apps for them’


Apple has hired Josh Elman to work on the App Store. While no job title has been specified with respect to Elman, the venture capitalist has announced that he will be working on improving the visibility of iOS apps in the Apple App Store and help users find apps that best suit them. Elman, who has been associated with various apps before, including the stock-trading app Robinhood, took to his Twitter account on Monday to share the news.

 Apple hires Josh Elman to help customers discover the best apps for them

Josh Elman

Saying that he will be joining the Cupertino-based firm “to work on @AppStore and help customers discover the best apps for them”, Elman mentioned that he will be building “ways to help over a billion customers and millions of developers connect”.

In order to take up the Apple job, Elman has reportedly stepped down from his “active boards and investments”. As per the professional, he left his role as a board partner at the firm Greylock Partners and as a board member of popular tech companies such as Discord


The last tweet in this thread talked about his college goal of creating “great technology that changes people’s lives”. He said that he still was going by this motto, suggesting his latest appointment.

Elman is extremely experienced in the field of popular up and about apps with having worked at LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter at different points in time. Interestingly, he was also a board member of and an investor in the chat app called Houseparty, which was acquired by Epic Games last year. As it is Epic is involved in a lawsuit with Apple.

TechCrunch tried to contact Apple to know about Elman’s appointment and responsibilities after being referred to the firm by Elman, who failed to give any additional info. However, Apple did not reveal much apart from confirming the employment.