Apex Legends’ latest glitch makes the drone Lifeline invincible: Report


Players of Apex Legends have come across a new bug where the healing drone of Lifeline becomes invincible. According to a player’s footage from the game, the small drone survived an entire clip without incurring any harm, which is far away from the normal. Lifeline is a strong character present in the game for a long time. Especially known for her healing abilities, with the glitch making her drone, D.O.C, indestructible, all the gamers playing Lifeline have a treat in front of them which is worth trying. Other players, on the other hand, would have to steer clear of the small drone until the bug gets fixed.

 Apex Legends latest glitch makes the drone Lifeline invincible: Report

Apex Legends

Reddit user TheChapelOfWhite

faced the issue recently and posted the clip on the platform. In the video, we can see a gamer coming across Lifeline and trying to make a smooth kill. However, D.O.C absorbs the entire clip worth of heavy armfare and the gamer is killed as the other members of the opposite squad get alerted. In the caption, the Reddit user wrote: “It turns out Lifeline drones are indestructible, I had no idea.”

As a report by GameRant puts it, Lifeline has the ability to heal other team members with her drone but the drone itself does not have any ability to deflect ammunition or act as a shield for Lifeline. When she pulls the drone out, players around her will be able to be healed by attaching themselves to D.O.C.

Also, whenever Lifeline is reviving a fellow team member, a giant shield appears in front of her thus blocking her from any attack while reviving. These abilities already make Lifeline a very strong character and with the buggy power added to it, every gamer playing Lifeline can try jumping behind their drones if under attack.

As developer Respawn Entertainment regularly issues updates and bug fixes for Apex Legends, this problem, if it is one, is sure to go soon.