Cyberpunk 2077 gamers on PS4, Xbox One report glitches, frame-rate issues, more

Cyberpunk 2077, the highly anticipated open-world RPG by CD Projekt Red, featuring Keanu Reeves has finally released. The game is available for purchase and play on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Google Stadia and Nvidia GeForce cloud gaming platform. Amid this, gamers of older gen consoles have been complaining of “extremely unoptimised experience”. Gamers have taken to social media to post clips of glitches, frame rate issues, major pop-up among others on Cyberpunk 2077 while playing it on PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

However, it is not known if these Cyberpunk 2077 gamers are trying to play it with the day one patch.

The report added that some of the Cyberpunk 2077 fans have found ways to play the game early using methods such as changing their console’s time zone.

 Cyberpunk 2077 gamers on PS4, Xbox One report glitches, frame-rate issues, more

Cyberpunk 2077

The game developer, CD Projekt Red, said that if a player had preloaded the Cyberpunk 2077 beforehand, then they will have to boot up from the get-go.

Polygon also reported that it has watched dozen Cyberpunk 2077 livestreams on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One and Xbox One X consoles on the day of the launch and witnessed a crashes, choppy gameplay, freezes and strangely geometric NPCs.

Here is what users wrote:

Some gamers who have posted about glitches in Cyberpunk 2077 were not using the day one patch. The report added that a few of the glitches appeared to exist on all versions of older consoles.

CD Projekt Red recently announced that it is working on adding a new epilepsy warning to Cyberpunk 2077 after an article raised the issue that the game causes epileptic episodes in people. According to a report by Game Informer, there are a few triggers seen in Cyberpunk 2077, with the author suffering one major seizure episode while playing the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 is priced at Rs 3,499 for PlayStation and Xbox. The PC version will cost Rs 2,999 and the physical version of the game for Xbox and PlayStation is priced at Rs 3,999. For the PC version, the disc the cost is Rs 2,499.

Cyberpunk 2077, in terms of size, is 63 GB for PS4 and 70 GB for PC. Users playing the game on their will have to make sure that their system runs on 1080p, 1440p, and 4K resolution.