Minecraft Earth to shut down in June 2021 as current global situation limits ‘free movement and collaborative play’

Minecraft Earth is shutting down in June 2021. The announcement has been made by Mojan, developer of the game, merely two years after the launch of the AR mobile game. In a blogpost, Mojang said that the ongoing global situation has prevented free movement and collaborative play – two things that are pivotal for playing Minecraft Earth.  “As a result, we have made the difficult decision to re-allocate our resources to other areas that provide value to the Minecraft community,” the game developer said.

 Minecraft Earth to shut down in June 2021 as current global situation limits free movement and collaborative play

Minecraft Earth

The developer said that on 30 June it will discontinue all content and service support for Minecraft Earth, thereby, stopping all the development and players will not be able to download or play the game.

On 1 July, players’ data unrelated to Character and Minecoin entitlements on Minecraft Earth will be deleted. Gamers with paid ruby balanced will be receiving Minecoins that they can use on Minecraft Marketplace for purchasing skin, texture packs, maps, and minigames.

Also, if the gamers have ever made any purchase in Minecraft Earth, they will be receiving a free copy of Minecraft (the Bedrock version) as well as the ability to start fresh along with getting goodies from the Marketplace.

A report by XDA Developers said that before shutting down, Minecraft Earth will get a final update which Mojang says has been designed to make the game as fun as possible for players. The update will no longer have real money transactions, reduced ruby cost and comprise of all completed, unreleased content.