Postgres Build 2020 Recap


The conference was a two-day virtual event, with talks from EDB customers, partners, and PostgreSQL community leads—including 1300+ attendees and 35+ speakers from all over the world. Topics covered included real life PostgreSQL applications and use cases in the fields of Finance and Energy.


EDB hosted the event to spotlight achievements and the latest announcements in the PostgreSQL community. The keynote, Postgres Ecosystem by EDB’s Simon Riggs was highly attended, as well as the Customer Panel, which shared details on security, machine learning, high availability, and more.

The second day keynote by PostgreSQL expert Christophe Pettus, Hosted PostgreSQL

, was enjoyed by a large audience as they learned about various cloud-based vendors for the PostgreSQL database and different challenges that organizations tackle when working with them.

The event wrapped with some industry best practices around DevOps, automation, Infrastructure as Code, compliance, and regulation support provided by EDB to the customers.

Partner presentations

Postgres Build 2020 had speakers from the PostgreSQL community as well as from EDB. The 29 talks covered topics such as Machine Learning capabilities in database clusters with Tensorflow, data migration from relational databases to PostgreSQL, OLTP and OLAP, No-ORM frameworks for PostgreSQL.

There was a live demonstration of table partitioning features in PostgreSQL and their integrations with community frameworks such as Django.

Tailored to IT admins and operations teams, the event had talks about the automation of PostgreSQL deployment with Ansible, Terraform, Salt, and Chef. This can help users adapt to an agile workflow for the deployment of their databases, and maintain a standard around their deployment stacks and auditability for their infrastructure.


Customer stories

PostgreSQL helps organizations in diverse fields from Finance to Energy, in building their database systems. In the Customer Panel at Postgres Build 2020, EDB customers discussed how PostgreSQL has helped them work on research ideas and quickly scale their solutions to markets. Customers choose EDB for high availability, security, and migration of their databases from other relational and NoSQL database systems.

We can enable high availability for our PostgreSQL clusters by changing just one field. – Harald Stefan, BG Phoenics GmbH

Customers have seen a drastic decrease in overall deployment time for their clusters that lead to quick response time to market.

PostgreSQL started as a way to reduce costs but in the end, it appears Postgres would have been a choice for us even if costs were not the primary decision factor — Benny Rutten, Database Administrator

PostgreSQL is a community-driven effort that EDB is happy to continue supporting, sponsoring, and engaging with. The Postgres Build 2020 event was very much in line with EDB’s tagline, “Power to Postgres.”

To learn more, visit the Postgres Build website and follow @EDBPostgres on Twitter for more updates.