PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnal’s teaser video released ahead of the launch on 19 March


Third-person shooter science-fiction game, Returnal, is all set to debut on PlayStation 5 as an exclusive release on 19 March. The game developed by Housemarque and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment has kept gamers excited as it will let players experience the full capabilities of the console like never before. Now the makers have released a teaser video to give a glimpse into the combat of the game. As stated in a company blog, we know the lead is Selene, an Astra space scout, who is trapped on a hostile planet and has been trapped in an endless loop of getting resurrected.

 PlayStation 5 exclusive Returnals teaser video released ahead of the launch on 19 March


Players will end various alien life forms with high-tech weapons and Sony promises that the “extremely realistic 3D audio capabilities of PS5” will leave the gamers “haunted”. Other than the realistic fighting sequences, even the silence in the game will be immersive enough to make you feel you are alone on the alien planet.

The recent combat video

posted by the firm shows the game is going to use narrative gameplay. As Selene comes across new weapons and tools, a voice (probably hers) explains what these are and what are their effects on Selene.

For example, we come across a parasite that attaches to Selene’s arm. Then her voice says that it seems to both strengthen and weaken her suit. There are several combat options. Apart from weapons, and tools, there is an unknown tab that is quite intriguing.

Sony says the base weapons featured in the game will get augmented as you play. Like the living Spitmaw Blaster weapon will start as a shotgun archetype but go on to “gain exploding shells or generate acid pools upon impact”.

Also the combat teaser shows that all the tools found on the planet of Atropos is in some way alive and connected to something larger. Another factor to look forward to is the use of adaptive controls.
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