Pocket Aces’ Loco and Logitech G join hands to host a PC tournament: All you need to know

Loco, India’s leading esports, and live game streaming platform has announced its partnership with the global leader in gaming and PC accessories company, Logitech G. This partnership between the two marks a new milestone in the former’s mission to deliver unrivaled entertainment to the PC gaming ecosystem in India. The PC gaming community is expected to be valued at $36.9 billion and both brands that lead in their respective industries have teamed up together to host “one of India’s largest PC gaming tournaments”.

 Pocket Aces’ Loco and Logitech G join hands to host a PC tournament: All you need to know

The tournament includes all skilled PC gamers who compete across four of the most existing and popular PC games like DOTA2, Rainbow 6 Siege, Valorant, CS: GO.

The association will help create a unique value proposition for both the brands with Logitech G’s gaming accessories, peripherals, and gear, as well as Loco’s seamless streaming experience for players and viewers across the globe.

The five-month-long tournament kick-started on September’20 and received a resounding response. It saw over 96 gaming teams including A-lister teams and pro players competing for the top position.

Viewers can follow their favourite players and watch the Live-stream on the Loco app with influencers like Hydra Flick and AnkkitaC commenting on the game as it progresses.

Dhiraj Soni, Head of marketing and gaming category, Logitech India commented on the partnership by saying that Logitech G has been constantly innovating for its young and vibrant community for a seamless and immersive gaming experience. He further added by saying that Logitech G has been contributing towards building a robust gaming ecosystem with a wide variety of products that include G213 keyboard and G102 mouse for the first time gamers and  G502 mouse series, G733 wireless headsets for enhancing performance.