Apple TV Plus show ‘For All Mankind’ now on AR time capsule app for iPhones and iPads

Apple TV+ original show For All Mankind now gets a dedicated app that offers an Augmented Reality experience. The app is available for iPhone and iPad that helps bridge the gap between seasons one and two of the show. The Season 1 of For All Mankind ended in 1974 whereas season 2 picks up in 1983, so the time capsule is going to explain what happened in the time in between. According to Apple, the AR app brings the world of the popular Apple TV Plus series right into the homes of fans to uncover memories from the lives of Danny Stevens (Casey Johnson) and his parents, astronauts Tracy Stevens (Sarah Jones), and Gordo (Michael Dorman).

 Apple TV Plus show For All Mankind now on AR time capsule app for iPhones and iPads

Image: Apple

The app will guide users through a box filled with interactive keepsakes that have details about Stevens’ life in For All Mankind universe. The app will feature various 3D objects where users can interact with a mixtape, family photos, and Apple II computer.

Speaking on the development, Ron Moore, creator and executive producer of For All Mankind said that Augmented Reality presents a new and exciting opportunity that brings the world of ‘For All Mankind‘ literally into the homes of the audience in a way that hasn’t been done before. This will allow fans to immerse themselves into the series by interacting with objects.

The For All Mankind: Time Capsule app can be downloaded for free on the iPhones and iPad via US-specific App Store and is expected to reach more regions soon. The first episode of the second season will debut globally on 19 February.