Apple MacBook and iPad production delayed due chip and display shortages: Report

The production of Apple’s MacBooks and iPads has been postponed due to the shortage of certain significant components of the device. As reported by Nikkei Asia, the company is facing a supply crunch and that is why, some key steps in assembling these devices have not been completed. A shortage in the displays and display components has postponed the assembly of iPads. Due to the shortages in chips, an important step before the final assembly where the components are mounted on printed circuit boards has been delayed.

 Apple MacBook and iPad production delayed due chip and display shortages: Report

Apple iPad 8th generation

Experts have said that the delay in the production of Apple products indicates that the chip shortage is severe and could heavily impact small players in the market.

With the shortage of these parts, a portion of component orders for the two devices has been pushed back by Apple to the second half of the year from the first one.

The tech giant declined to give its comment regarding this development, as reported by the publication.

iPhone, Apple’s flagship range of products has not been affected due to the component shortage so far. However, two sources of the publication revealed that the supply is tight for some of the components required in iPhone production.

Commenting on the issue, Peter Hanbury, a partner with a consultancy firm said that large players like Apple have the leverage to demand suppliers to give priority to their products in case of a supply crunch, reported Nikkei Asia.

Apple is not the only tech giant which is facing this issue. Samsung Electronics also recently acknowledged that during the April to June period, the chip shortage can cause problems for the company, indicating that it might impact production. Samsung had also said that it is making additional efforts to resolve the problem.