Earth Day 2021: How to download WhatsApp’s new ‘Stand Up for Earth’ stickers


Earlier this week, WhatsApp added a new sticker pack to its existing ones. The sticker pack is called ‘Stand up for Earth’, and is aimed to create environmental awareness and to celebrate the occasion of Earth Day 2021.

New WhatsApp Earth Day stickers rolled out

The ‘Stand up for Earth’ stickers have been created by Juan Molinet, who is an Argentinian illustrator.

They showcase the environmental challenges being faced by us and aim to promote environmental-friendly ideas such as recycling, reducing electricity, and saving water.


According to a Facebook survey in more than 30 countries and territories in partnership with the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, more than three-quarters of people believe that climate change is happening, but fewer understand it is caused mostly by human activities, reveals a WhatsApp press release.

This gives us a clear idea as to why it’s necessary to talk about the issues and come together to solve them.

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How to download and send the new WhatsApp Earth Day stickers

The new ‘Stand up for Earth’ WhatsApp Stickers are now available for all users globally, as per a press release. They can be accessed and shared with ease by following these steps:

Step 1:Open WhatsApp and select any chat window

Step 2:Tap on the sticker icon near the text bar

Step 3:Look for the ‘+’ icon

Step 4:Over there, you will find the new sticker pack with the name ‘World Earth Day’. Now, just download the pack

Step 5:Once downloaded, you can choose the chat heads you want to send the stickers to

Step 6:Then again, select the sticker icon and you will find your stickers over here. You can also select the ‘+’ icon to see the stickers under the ‘My Stickers’ section

Step 7:All you need to do is, select the stickers that you want to share and you are good to go