Sony unveils Horizon Forbidden West gameplay: New tools including Shieldwing, Pullcaster, Focus Scanner and more revealed


Sony PlayStation has revealed almost 14-minute-long footage of the new game Horizon Forbidden West on their YouTube channel. The video starts with an introduction by Mathijs de Jonge, Horizon Forbidden West’s Game Director. Mathijs informed the viewers that almost 14-minutes of gameplay has been captured on Playstation 5. The footage also has a disclaimer stating that it is a mix of gameplay and in-game cinematics and the final game could change.

Horizon-forbidden west

The character can also ride machines and use them in combat against the raiders. Image: Guerrilla/twitter

In the video, Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon Forbidden West can be seen engaging in some intense fights. As per the official PlayStation blog, the game continues six months after the events that happened in the previous game, Horizon Zero Dawn.

The footage starts with Aloy tending to an injured Delver who informs her that Erend has been ambushed by raiders. When Aloy starts searching for Erend, she finds raiders riding machines. The official blog describes these raiders as fighters from the Tenakth tribe.


Several new tools have been added to help Aloy. The tool Shieldwing will allow Aloy to descend from heights. With the help of Pullcaster, Aloy can speedily climb. To survive underwater, Aloy now has a diving mask that lets her stay submerged as long as she wants. With the help of a Focus Scanner, Aloy can scan places that allow free climbing.

The character can also ride machines and use them in combat against the raiders. Valor Surges feature can be added to the spear in order to defeat nearby enemies.

To attack enemy machines, an adhesive-grenade slingshot has been added to Aloy’s weapon wheel. This grenade temporarily disables the machines. With smoke bombs, Aloy can temporarily blind enemies.
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