Apple account password recovery to become easier with iOS 15: All you need to know

At WWDC 21, Apple announced the latest iterations of its operating system, including the iOS 15. Apple previewed improvements to apps like Maps, FaceTime, Messages, Photos, and others with iOS 15. However, one of my favourite announcements at the event was missed by many – Apple is making Apple account password recovery a lot easier.

Apple Recovery Contacts

With iOS 15, Apple will let users choose a recovery contact. Users can pick one or more trusted contacts, who can help them reset their password and regain their account.

How this works:

If you forget your Apple account password, you will have the option to reset your password via your trusted contact. Simply call your trusted contact, who will be sent a recovery code by Apple. You can use that code to reset your password.

The trusted contacts will not have access to your account.

Apple will you pick recovery contacts and legacy contacts with iOS 15.

Apple will you pick recovery contacts and legacy contacts with iOS 15.

Digital Legacy Program

Apple also announced the Digital Legacy Program at WWDC 21. The program will allow users to designate people as ‘Legacy Contacts’ so they can access your account and personal information in the event of your death.

The Legacy contact must share a death certificate to begin the process. They will sign in through a “legacy contact Apple ID” and will need an access key to see password-protected data on Apple devices. They will be able to  view data stored in iCloud. The data can be be downloaded.

However, user’s payment information, such as stored credit cards, or logins stored on your Keychain, will not be accessible by the ‘Legacy contact’.