Bumble rolls out new Night In, Video Notes, 360-degree video background features to make online dating more realistic



The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot, even for online dating. This has given rise to a number of features that make virtual dating more interactive and Bumble is upping its game new features like Night In, video notes, and 360-degree video backgrounds.

‘Night In’ feature

The new Night In feature is a virtual space on the dating app where two people can play interactive games over one-on-one video chats (Think: Houseparty). This will allow users to make things interesting and get to know each other better before they go on an actual date.

How does it work?

If two people have matched, they will get an option to make use of the Night In feature by clicking on the icon within the chat. When opted, both parties will get notifications for their video date. Once they are in the virtual game room, they will be presented with the game and the rules.


The feature is expected to get more game options and experiences soon.

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Video Notes and 360-degree video backgrounds

Additionally, Bumble has also introduced the Video Notes, which will be in addition to the existing audio notes on the app. Video notes will allow daters to send each other short videos to interact in a better way. Users can also add any of five Snapchat lenses that include Atmosphere, Reactions, and Fox Ears/Tail.

Bumble has introduced a new 360-degree video backgrounds, which will make online dating a bit more realistic.