ISRO signs on eight companies to begin work on its merchandise programme


Brand promotion can be ‘game-changing’ in the kindling interest of the public in the science & technology domain.

ISRO signs on eight companies to begin work on its merchandise programme

Image credit: Wikipedia/Yash Y. Vadiwala

The Indian Space Research Organisation’s customised space-themed merchandise programme in partnership with industry has taken off with multiple companies on board.

Now, one will be able to purchase authorised products connected to ISROs missions and work, such as scale models, T-shirts, mugs, space-themed educational games, science toys, and more.

ISRO believes this brand promotion exercise can play a “game-changing” role in creating awareness and kindling interest of students, children and public, in the domain of space science & technology, and propagating its achievements.


“Eight companies have so far registered with ISRO on a non-exclusive basis with a registration fee regarding customised ISRO-theme-based articles/models”, an official of the Bengaluru headquartered space agency, under the Department of Space (DoS), told PTI on Sunday.

They include Indic Inspirations (Pune), 1947IND (Bengaluru), and Ankur Hobby Centre (Ahmedabad), sources said.

“We will soon be launching a whole collection of ISRO themed Merchandise that will appeal to all Indians and Science & Space enthusiasts alike,” said Founder and CEO of Indic Inspirations, Sunil Jalihal, recently.

As part of the MoUs, ISRO shares the themes, general arrangement drawings, images or any other design for enabling these companies to use them appropriately “without causing any damage to the pride of the department”.


Specific samples of catalogued ISRO identifiers, which will be updated from time to time, would be made available to registered companies which have shared their product details with the space agency.

According to the terms and conditions, the party (registered companies) shall avoid using the ISRO identifier, imagery, etc. on products such as doormats, slippers, or any such items, which affect the reputation/ image of the organisation.

“Wherever 3D models and 2D drawings are being used to make scaled models, LEGO sets, jigsaw puzzle, etc., extra care shall be taken to ensure accuracy and ISRO intellect,” they read.

“The rates for the merchandise shall be reasonable in line with market conditions, as there is no brand value charged by ISRO to the party,” as per the MoUs.

“ISRO never takes any responsibility for the sale or after sale of the items, for the delivery, quality or damages due to sale”.

The initiative came from ISRO after many companies interested in creating customised articles and handicrafts approached it for themes.