India ranked third globally in Facebook Gaming sessions between July-August, with 234 million sessions recorded

Facebook recorded 234 million gaming sessions in India during July and August this year, putting India third on the list of countries where Facebook Gaming is the most popular. Globally, more than 380 million people play games on the Mark Zuckerberg-owned social media platform.

Facebook Gaming reaches new heights

In its report, Facebook revealed India occupied the third position on the world map when it comes to gaming sessions on the platform between July and August. Among the top ten most-played games categorised under ‘Instant Games’ on the platform during this period were Ludo Club, Jumpy Jumpy, Bubble Shooter Pro, Water Slide, Chop Chop, Magic Swap Puzzle, Angry Balls 3, Egg Shoot Dynomite Bubble Shoot, Ludo King and Crush Stack.

Live gaming viewership on Facebook also increased by 530 percent in the last year. Image: Facebook

Live gaming viewership on Facebook also increased by 530 percent in the last year. Image: Facebook

It is also revealed that more than 200 million people watched live games on Facebook every month, with viewing hours increasing by 118 percent in a year. In January 2020, the number was 201 million, while in January 2021, it was 439 million viewers. According to the platform, live gaming viewership also increased by 530 percent in the last year. The top five most-streamed games in July and August in India were PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire, Grand Theft Auto V, PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and Mobile Legends.

Additionally, more than 20 million people became active members of Facebook gaming groups in July and August this year. There are a number of popular home-grown creators on Facebook. The list includes Rog Stream, who is India’s biggest creator on the platform with over two million followers; Mystic Ignite, who is India’s first female creator; Mr & Mrs O, a husband-wife duo for game streaming; Bagha, who is the most popular game streamer in Bengali; and PunjabiGamer63, a father-son duo who stream games in Punjabi.

For the uninitiated, Facebook’s Gaming Creator Program was introduced in 2018 and is available in 60 countries. People can sign up for the Level Up Program for better options and once signed in, can stream games and earn money.